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Once upon a time, Roz Bea, (an American living in London) who booked all of the live bands at the Hope & Anchor, Nashville and Embassy Club, came up with a little idea in 1981 to promote bands in a different way: send promo videos out to clubs, pubs and D.J.'s through a company she called A.B.See. In 1984, she split with her 'partners' and re-created her brainstorm as THE VIDEO POOL.
THE VIDEO POOL is now the largest supplier of music videos to pubs, clubs, shops and D.J.'s in the U.K./E.U. Each month we license the latest videos from all the record companies, compile them onto a two-hour Digi-Beta master and send copies to everyone who just need a lot of personal music television.
THE BEST FIRST! Check out our monthly lists...we feature videos weeks before they appear in the charts or are seen on T.V.
COMPETITIVE PRICES: A whole 2-hour programme with 30 tracks still costs just £60 + VAT. We will match or better the price for any equivalent programme, if that's ever an issue!
GREAT DISCOUNTS for multiple orders.
FREE ADVICE on all you need to know about hardware, licensing, new releases, plus three decades' expertise, whenever you need it.
THE CATCH: To receive any of our programmes, you must be a D.J. or manager of a venue etc, with an address in the U.K. or E.U. (we cannot supply anyone outside these territories, in any case, whatsoever. Sorry!)

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